Community System


A gaming community plays a pivotal role in the growth of any gaming platform throughout user interactions. Nevertheless, this role has traditionally been limited to being passive consumers and they have not been properly compensated for their contribution to the platform’s growth. To address this, we aim to create a brand-new gaming ecosystem where our community members are rewarded in proportion to the contributions they make.

Iskra Community

Our community is a place where Iskra, game studios, and gamers as stakeholders transparently participate and share proceeds from the operation of the platform. Anyone who participates in Iskra Platform can be a member of the community and earn rewards in proportion to their contribution. We view the following groups as potential stakeholders in our community:

  • A service Provider (such as Iskra, Game studio) who provides platform or game services

  • A Pioneer who provides computing power to the Iskra platform by operating nodes via Pioneer NFT

  • A Explorer who has an Iskra account and uses various entertainment services in the Iskra ecosystem

Note: The detailed policies regarding the community system outlined in this white paper are subject to change. Finalized policies will be determined and publicly disclosed following governance voting upon the conclusion of the beta period. Stakeholders and participants are encouraged to stay informed and participate in the governance process to shape the direction and policies of the platform.

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