Contribution Point(CP)

Contribution Point

The amount of Contribution Point(CP) that an Iskra user receives reflects the contribution they have made to the platform. CP works as a key indicator in determining the level of rewards a community member receives. Because CP is calculated using on-chain data, the information on the methods used for the calculation and the results are transparently available to all members of the community. CP can be gained by:

  • Contribution to Platform Growth :

    • Platform Service Usage : When using Iskra’s native platform services (Swap, Bridge, Marketplace, etc.), CP is earned in proportion to the service fee paid.

  • Contribution to Ecosystem Growth :

    • Pioneer NFT staking / Node operation : When staking or operating network node through PNFT, CP is earned in proportion to the node point* obtained. *Currently, 1 Node Point per 1 PNFT staked, and 60,000 CPs per 1 Node Point.

    • $ISK Governance staking : When staking $ISK to the Iskra governance, CP is earned in proportion to the sISK(staked $ISK)* obtained. *Currently, 1 CP per 1 sISK.

  • Additional activities to earn CP may be updated in accordance with the platform roadmap.

Note: Details of Contribution Point policy are subject to change

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