Community Rewards

Community Rewards are designed to reward each member of the community based on their contribution to the platform. The higher your Contribution Points are, the higher Tier and more rewards you are guaranteed.

Tokenized Benefits

  • Platform Rewards: Platform service fees are distributed to the tiered members of the community, gradually giving back all of the platform service fees to the contributors. The platform service fees will be reserved in Platform Rewards Pool for a certain period of time and will be distributed at the end of the season in following two ways:

    • Tier-based: 40% of Platform Reward Pool is equally distributed to each Community Tier.

    • CP-based: 60% of Community Reward Pool is differentially distributed according to the CP share (my CP / Total CP).

  • Quest Rewards: Game assets are distributed to users who complete specific in-game quests, designed specifically by onboarding games. This also acts as a marketing opportunity for games launched on the Iskra platform. A higher tier and/or CP will offer you with more tokens and NFTs and/or higher chance of winning.

Platform Service Privilege

  • Service Benefits: Benefits for existing and upcoming services are enhanced based on tier and/or CP

    • Launchpad Privilege: When participating in a project on the Iskra Launchpad, the higher tier and/or Contribution Point you have, the higher limit cap and higher chances in purchasing tokens.

    • INO(Initial NFT Offering) Privilege: When participating in the Iskra Market, the higher tier and/or Contribution Point you have, the higher chance of being whitelisted.

  • Event Benefits: More opportunities and privileges to be provided to tiered-members to participate in various events hosted by Iskra and game developers. This could include CBT, game launch promotion, random airdrop events etc.

    • Game Early Access: When new games are launched on the Iskra platform, The higher Contribution Point you have, the higher the chances of getting early access to the new game launched.

Community Rewards during Beta phase

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the Community Tier System, which is integral to Iskra's tokenomics, a thorough methodology is employed to determine users who will participate in sharing Iskra's platform revenue. Community Tier System Beta have been introduced to refine and optimize the system.

During the Beta phase, the Platform Rewards will be exclusively granted to tiered members with Pioneer NFT. The entire Platform Rewards Pool will be allocated for members who have staked the Pioneer NFT, and each member will receive Platform Rewards according to their CP share (my CP / Total CP of the Pioneer NFT stakers).

Additionally, other benefits such as Quest Rewards, Service Benefits and Event Benefits can primarily be extended to the Pioneer NFT stakers.

Note: Details of the Community Rewards policy are subject to change

Platform Rewards Pool

The Platform Rewards Pool is where we reserve a portion of the tokens collected as platform fees to provide funds for community rewards. As the platform moves on to the next phase of service, the rate of reservation will increase as follows:

  • Phase I : Iskra Original - Reserve 75% of the platform fees after token burn*

  • Phase II : Open Platform - Reserve 87.5% of the platform fees after token burn*

  • Phase III : Community-Owned Platform - Reserve 100% of the platform fees after token burn*

*fees excluding the volume of token burning, which is 20% of total platform fees

Note: The specific schedule for each phase is subject to change

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