Iskra Platform

Our platform provides seamless end-to-end services for both gamers and game studios

The Iskra Hub Chain

The Iskra Hub Chain is the mainnet blockchain that supports services essential to our ecosystem, from Launchpad to NFT Marketplace. It is an interoperability protocol that allows different game chains within our ecosystem to communicate with each other in a frictionless and trustless manner, serving as a hub for all assets within the ecosystem.


A Launchpad is a platform that facilitates the distribution of digital assets and connects projects with early supporters in the WEB3 ecosystem, enabling them to kickstart and promote their vision.

Decentralized Exchange(DEX)

DEX is a decentralized exchange service provided by Iskra, where you can exchange game tokens for $ISK or other tokens, and vice versa.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace consists of two markets: (i) Primary Market, where game NFTs are initially offered by game studios, and (ii) Secondary Market, where gamers can freely trade NFT assets, such as in-game items.


Bridge is a bridge that connects The Iskra Hub Chain, game chains(which are side chains of Iskra) and external blockchains. Because most blockchain games run on their own chains, a secure and trustless bridge that interconnects multiple blockchains is an indispensable component of our ecosystem.


Wallet is a repository in which users stash their digital assets. It also enables access to all services on our platform in just one place. It is the gateway for exploring and interacting with all games and services within our ecosystem.

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