Iskra Launchpad 2.0

The Future of Iskra Launchpad: From Vertical to Mixed

Upgrading to a Mixed Launchpad

The amazing Vertical Launchpad we've introduced so far is just the beginning. Iskra Launchpad has the potential to evolve even further.

Picture this: the exciting user experience created by the Vertical Launchpad isn't confined to just one game. Instead, it leaps across boundaries, connecting multiple games together. This revolutionary idea forms the basis of our next ambitious move - the Mixed Launchpad.

When a player's journey through the Launchpad extends not just through the gaming cycle(Vertical) of one game but reaches out into multiple games(Horizontal), that's the moment the Iskra Launchpad evolves into a Mixed Launchpad.

With the Mixed Launchpad, the Iskra Launchpad transforms from a platform that launches and promotes individual games into a Cross-game Marketing Service that goes beyond.

To better illustrate how the Mixed Launchpad works as a cross-game Marketing Service, let's consider an example.

Imagine there's Game A. Game A had a successful Initial Offering and boasts a dedicated and loyal player base. Any game studio would love to engage these committed players in their own games. So, they might devise strategies to lure these players to their content.

  • ⓐ→ⓔ : Game B might airdrop reward tokens from their game to users who hold Game A’s expTOKEN.

  • ⓐ→ⓕ : Game C could use Game A's expTOKEN in their own game environment to entice players to try their game.

  • ⓐ→ⓖ : Game C might accept Game A's expTOKEN as a payment method for their own in-game items.

  • ⓐ→ⓗ : Game D could provide whitelist for initial offering or various benefits to users who hold Game A's expTOKEN.

In this structure, what benefits does Game A gain? As other games mention and provide benefits related to Game A within their own game environments, Game A's reputation and value will increase indirectly. The exposure to a wider player base through cross-marketing efforts will promote Game A to a larger audience, potentially leading to increased royalties and revenue as gamers holding Game A tokens enjoy various perks and advantages. In essence, this structure creates a beneficial scenario where all game studios involved in the marketing efforts can benefit.

These cross-marketing strategies can either take place through mutual agreement between game studios or can happen organically. The examples given above are just a handful of possibilities. As more successful Initial Offerings take place, the Iskra platform will witness a surge in advanced cross-game marketing instances with diverse games interacting. This means the more successful the Launchpad becomes, the richer and more vibrant the gaming ecosystem will grow - with Iskra Launchpad spearheading the evolution.

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