Community Tier System

Community Ranking

We operate a community ranking system to provide fair compensation to all community members. All members can receive Contribution Point (CP) according to their contribution to the platform, and the community ranking is determined in the order of high cumulative CP. The more CP you get, the more community rewards you receive. Since all CP is managed through decentralized on-chain data, community rewards are distributed and tracked transparently.

Community Tier

Under our Community Ranking System, all members that have CP will be categorized into one of the five Tiers, beginning with "Iron" rising up to "Diamond." Ranking is based on CP accrued by each member in the previous season. A Tier is valid for one season and is reset at the start of the following season.

Below is the Tier allocations:

Note: Details of community tier allocation and minimum requirement rules are subject to change after the Community Tier System Beta

Tier-Up and Tier Placement Ticket

To provide even more opportunities and benefits to community members, all active users will be entitled to claim either a Tier-Up Ticket or a Tier Placement Ticket. Upon logging into the platform and completing a certain activity, users will have the opportunity to receive a random Tier-Up Ticket or Tier Placement Ticket, depending on their current status. If you have a winning ticket, you will be automatically moved to the next higher Tier and enjoy its benefits. Depending on your current status, one of the following tickets will be provided:

  • Tier-Up Ticket

    • Gold Ticket: A chance to immediately advance to the Gold Tier, dropped to the Silver Tier only.

    • Silver Ticket: A chance to immediately advance to the Silver Tier, dropped to the Bronze Tier only.

    • Bronze Ticket: A chance to immediately advance to the Bronze Tier, dropped to the Iron Tier only.

  • Tier Placement Ticket

    • Tier Placement Ticket: A chance to immediately be included in the Community Tier system starting with Iron Tier, dropped to No-Tier users only.

Note: Details of Community Tier System policy are subject to change

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