What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is where game studios market a blockchain game project that they are working on and raise funding and/or attract early users. Members of the ISKRA community can also participate in Launchpad to explore these new projects.

Initial Game Offering

Our Launchpad offers fundraising opportunities for game studios to launch their game tokens. Details of each fundraising project on Launchpad will be provided in the proposal submitted to our governance.
If the proposal passes, the project will be listed on Launchpad and community members will be able to participate in fundraising. In the initial stage of operation, Team Iskra will source and list down potential projects. We are currently in discussions with various game studios, who are mostly traditional game developers with ample experience in development and operation. Iskra provides developers with a token economy specialized for blockchain games and consulting services for designing in-game economics, with a commitment to providing the highest quality games to our community. Fundraising through Launchpad includes launchpad fees paid by developers, which will be shared with the community in accordance with the community reward policy.


The Iskra community can participate in Launchpad with $ISK or $iUSD. The share of tokens that Launchpad participants will receive depends on their Community Tier and the total number of Launchpad participants.