Iskra Launchpad 1.0

The First Vertical Launchpad in WEB3

The Concept of Vertical Launchpad

Surprisingly, the solution to the lock-up dilemma is relatively straightforward – allow the locked-up tokens to be used within the project's services. This way, projects can always ensure their actual users have service usage rights, regardless of any lock-up conditions. Why hasn't such a simple solution been implemented yet?

The reason lies in the inherent limitations of the traditional launchpad's service model, which is the Horizontal Launchpad and its operational focus. These services have concentrated primarily on the Initial Offering aspect, disregarding post-Initial Offering user experiences. Their operational model has been characterized by a continuous cycle of conducting Initial Offerings for numerous new projects, leaving little consideration for what comes next.

In contrast, Iskra perceives the Initial Offering not as a destination but as the commencement of a journey. More than just introducing new projects to the community through Initial Offerings, Iskra, as an End-to-End Gaming Platform, encompasses the entire WEB3 gaming cycle, including not only the Initial Offering but also the sale of diverse content, gameplay, and reward experiences.

Iskra Launchpad, the starting point of this gaming journey, is a Vertical Launchpad. It supports the seamless transition of game tokens distributed through the launchpad to the user experience post-Initial Offering. This innovative launchpad concept, being unveiled for the first time on WEB3, delivers this remarkable experience exclusively to the Iskra community. Crucially, Iskra's Vertical Launchpad model allows for the use of locked-up tokens within the project's services. It solves the prevalent lock-up dilemma, ensuring that early supporters can fully exercise their rights from the outset. This greatly enhances the overall user experience and strengthens the bond between the project and its community.

In essence, the vertical orientation of Iskra's Launchpad enables the application of this straightforward solution to the lock-up dilemma. It demonstrates the benefits of a more comprehensive approach to Launchpad design, focusing not only on the Initial Offering but also on the crucial post-offering user journey. In doing so, it creates an environment that is more favorable to both project developers and early supporters.

Why Vertical Launchpad?: Advantages over Horizontal Launchpads

The superiority of a Vertical Launchpad becomes evident when contrasting its encompassing approach with the narrower scope of a Horizontal Launchpad.

At their core, Launchpads draw in individuals seeking pioneering projects and desiring to partake in their transformative journeys. Likewise, these innovative projects view Launchpads as venues to connect with early supporters who can appreciate their distinct value.

However, Horizontal Launchpads frequently struggle to match the platform's incentives with the needs of both supporters and projects. The real interests of supporters and projects extend beyond the Initial Offering. Yet, a Horizontal Launchpad emphasizes mainly on this initial stage, moving swiftly to the next project once the Initial Offering concludes. This quick transition leaves projects facing the challenging post-Initial Offering phases without adequate support, resulting in a gap between all the parties involved.

On the other hand, a Vertical Launchpad harmonizes the interests of the supporters, projects, and the Launchpad itself. It treats the Initial Offering as the commencement of a journey, assuring a smooth transition throughout the subsequent stages. By carefully curating competent projects and providing comprehensive support, it mitigates the risk of projects stagnating prematurely.

This emphasis on the complete journey, rather than just the Initial Offering, establishes a superior and more engaging service infrastructure. It sets up a virtuous cycle, continuously introducing exceptional projects, encouraging dedicated supporters, and surfacing more quality projects.

In summary, a Vertical Launchpad provides a thorough, efficient solution, aligning the interests of all parties, guaranteeing seamless user journeys, and championing quality projects. By adopting this approach, the launchpad ecosystem can foster a robust environment conducive to the growth of outstanding projects and committed supporters, thus paving the way for enduring success.

Advantages of Iskra: Unlocking the Full Potential of Vertical Launchpad

3.1. No Lock-up: Express Token

Express Tokens serve as a key feature in providing a seamless transition from Initial Offering to subsequent user experiences on the Iskra Launchpad. These tokens act like "express tickets," allowing supporters to gain immediate access to relevant game content, bypassing the typical lock-up periods.

When supporters are allocated game tokens on the Iskra Launchpad, they also receive an equivalent number of Express Tokens (expTOKENs). These tokens can be used straight away, enabling supporters to dive into their chosen games without delay. However, if supporters prefer, they can retain their expTOKENs, subsequently trading them in for game tokens according to the lock-up conditions.

By introducing Express Tokens, Iskra Launchpad gives supporters more control over their choices, providing them the flexibility to dictate their interaction with the games, rather than being strictly bound by time.

Note: Depending on the service level of the game studio, there may be instances where exp tokens cannot be used.

3.2. Not Sale: Promotion

The traditional approach on Horizontal Launchpads has been to treat Initial Offerings as a method of fundraising, often resulting in projects attempting to sell tokens to supporters at the highest possible price. This can sometimes lead to less-than-ideal experiences for supporters.

Contrary to this traditional approach, at Iskra Launchpad, we interpret the Initial Offering in a fundamentally different way. For us, it isn't about fundraising, but rather, it's about the successful launch and long-term sustainability of enjoyable and robust WEB3 games. This shift in perspective redefines both the purpose of our Launchpad and the concept of the Initial Offering.

The Iskra Launchpad serves as a promotional platform for game studios looking to make their debut on the Iskra platform. In this setting, the Initial Offering is a token launch event – not a token sale or a fundraising mechanism. Iskra Launchpad and the onboarded game studios aim to launch successful WEB3 games and cultivate a lively, sustainable gaming ecosystem alongside our passionate supporters. This means supporters no longer have to play a guessing game with either the Launchpad or the project that is initiating the Initial Offering. It's not a sale – it's a promotion.

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