What is Wallet?

Iskra Wallet is a repository in which you stash your digital assets It also enables you to access all services on our platform in just one place. It is the gateway for exploring and interacting with all games and services within our ecosystem.

User Wallet

Your Iskra Wallet is your passport to our community. Once you’ve signed up for the platform, you can get started with creating an Iskra Wallet to access all services provided on the platform. In other words, creating a Wallet is the gateway to the platform. Your Contribution Points (CPs) will be tallied based on your Wallet activities, which will in turn decide your community tier and rewards.

$ISK Staking

$ISK staking service is available through your Iskra Wallet. Holders can stake $ISK on their Wallet and earn $ISK rewards and CPs. As a platform operated under community governance, our intention is to encourage users to actively engage in community activities. $ISK staking is a prerequisite for participating in community governance.

Governance Support

Governance activities of our community can also be accessed through your Wallet. Anyone with an Iskra Wallet can access and check out the proposals registered in governance, which include, but are not limited to: listing of new games, service fee policies, and community reward policies. If you are an $ISK staker, you are also entitled to make a governance proposal regarding the operation of Iskra or vote on the registered proposals.

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