Coming Soon - Details of the iUSD will be released later

What is $iUSD?

As a payment token, $iUSD is a crypto-collateralized stablecoin backed by other stablecoins, such as $USDT and $USDC. Community members can mint $iUSD through our Stable Swap using various types of stablecoins as collateral, and this allows as many $iUSD coins as are required to be issued. $iUSD has three key utilities:
  • Exchange: $iUSD can be traded with various types of tokens supported by the platform, including platform tokens and in-game tokens.
  • Payment token: $iUSD serves as a payment method for purchasing in-game services and items.
  • Launchpad participation: Holders can use $iUSD to explore new projects that are hosted on Launchpad.

Why $iUSD?

We believe it is important to enable traditional payment options, such as credit cards and wire transfers, in order to make the blockchain gaming ecosystem more easily accessible for the general public as well as crypto investors. This makes a stablecoin like $iUSD, one without price volatility and backed by other proven stablecoins, an indispensable part of our ecosystem. Stable Swap allows users to acquire $iUSD using various payment options to enjoy all kinds of services and games on the platform.
Note: In the early stages of the platform, only swaps between $iUSD and proven stablecoins will be supported. Over time, a wider range of payment mechanisms will become available.
Last modified 9mo ago