Pioneer NFT

What is Pioneer NFT?

Each Pioneer NFT gives its holder the right to become a node operator on the ISKRA platform. Nodes can provide a steady stream of computing power for the ISKRA blockchain network, making it a decentralized, stable, and trustless system. Pioneer NFT holders are rewarded with $ISK tokens and CPs in return for staking their NFT and operating a node.

Pioneer NFT Rewards

Pioneer NFT holders will be entitled to the following rewards(The specific schedule for each phase would be disclosed later):
  • $ISK: rewarded with $ISK tokens in accordance with the Distribution Plan as described earlier in this document.
  • CPs: rewarded with CPs based on a defined formula.
To receive Pioneer NFT rewards, NFT holders need to stake Pioneer NFT or operate node based on the ISKRA platform roadmap:
  • Phase I – NFT Staking : Pioneer NFT holders who stake their Pioneer NFT will earn $ISK and CPs as rewards
  • Phase II – Node Operation 1.0 : Pioneer NFT holders who operate node(storage node) will earn $ISK and CPs as rewards
  • Phase III – Node Operation 2.0 : Pioneer NFT holders who operate node(storage node, relay node, or consensus node) will earn $ISK and CPs as rewards

Total Supply and Distribution Plan

The total supply of Pioneer NFTs is 40,000, subject to the following distribution plan:
Private Sale
Sold $6,000 each to VCs and Strategic partners
Public Sale
Starts at $6,000 and increases by $20 for every 10 Pioneer NFTs sold
Iskra Team
100 Pioneer NFTs are dropped to the Iskra for every 1,000 Pioneer NFTs sold
Reserve for Business
Additional sales plan will be disclosed after using the reserve for business to create an ecosystem
Note: The details of quantities are subject to change and Secondary trading of Pioneer NFT is not available until 30,000th unit are sold
Last modified 9mo ago